USA Football

Missoula Youth Football is a non-profit contact football league that features:

1) Specific empahsis on participation and teaching the fundamentals of tackle football.

2) Neighboorhood / school-based teams - play with your friends! Teams based upon where you live NOT who you know.

3) Competitive football - scores are kept, records tracked, playoffs and championship games.

4) No weight restrictions on ball carriers.

5) Open offensive and defensive schemes. This is modern football!!!

6) Mandatory and enforced participation rules based on roster size, NOT arbitrary times during a game.

7) Guidance and involvement from all high school coaching staffs. MYF is THE building block to becoming a Spartan, Knight, Eagle, Ram, Bronc, Falcon, Yellow Jacket, Blue Devil, Pirate, Bronc, Tiger.

8) National Affiliation with USA Footballtm -THE youth football development wing of the NFLtm and NFLPAtm.