USA Football

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Commissioner: Mike Rahl (Florence)

Vice Commissioner / Public Relations: Tasha Jones (Sentinel)

Business Manager: Nikki Schrekendgust

Registration: Jennifer Klumph (Sentinel)

Treasurer / Sponsorship / Rules & Regulations: Jami Wright (Frenchtown)

Officials Liaison: Gered Allen (Sentinel)

Merchandising / Secretary / Events / Pictures: Lesley Templeton (Sentinel)

Game Day Operations / Fields: Mike Nichols (Hellgate)

High School Liaison: Aaron Bay (Sentinel)

Medical & Players Safety / Game Day Operations: Rick Wiesemann (Sentinel)

Coaches Committee: Ann Rausch (Big Sky)

Community Outreach: Scott Gurnsey


Registration: Jennifer Klumph (Sentinel)

Coaches Committee:

Lead Coaches Committee: Mike Rahl (Florence)

Big Sky / Frenchtown: Ann Rausch

Hellgate: Mike Nichols

Sentinel: Aaron Bay

Bitterroot: Mike Rahl

Scholarship Committee:

Jami Wright

Jennifer Klumph